Columbia Southern University holds two virtual conferences each year. We were seeking a keynote speaker for our Excellence in Higher Education conference held in September, 2016. We reached out to Dr. Kathryn Linder to provide this service, and we were extremely pleased and impressed with our return.

Through the use of contemporary cognitive studies and digital data trends, Dr. Linder helped shine a light on the dynamic digital environment educators and learners find themselves in today and promoted an emphasis on utilizing technology to leverage learning in the classroom, rather than distract from it.

We hope we get another opportunity to work with Dr. Linder in the future.


Dr. Kim Langham, Director of Faculty Development, Services, and Support
Peter Eggebraaten, Training and Development Coordinator

Dr. Katie Linder gave an outstanding interactive plenary presentation entitled “Coming Together: Collaboration as a Tool of Change” during the CAE’s 12th Annual Summer Conference at Fairfield University. She customized her presentation and activities around the conference theme “Collaborations for Empowerment & Learning” and to meet the needs of a diverse audience… Participants were actively engaged in discussions and reflected on their past collaborative experiences. Dr. Linder provided rich visuals and examples to illustrate her key points, building on the current literature in higher education, prior conference sessions attended, and popular culture that participants could relate to. Her handouts provided resources that could be used immediately in various contexts. As a closing conference plenary, Dr. Linder’s presentation was an ideal culminating experience for participants as it tied conference themes together, built on concurrent sessions, and energized all who attended. Participants comments included the following words to describe Dr. Linder’s presentation: “insightful,” “organized,” “engaging,” “fun,” “awesome!” Dr. Linder’s presentation delivery and preparations leading up to the conference are noteworthy, for she devotes a lot of time and energy into crafting exceptional sessions that are unparalleled in quality.


Dr. Suzanna Klaf, Associate Director, Center for Academic Excellence, Fairfield University, CT

I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s chairs/deans session with Katie Linder. I found it extremely worthwhile, in part due to the specific suggestions she offered, and every other attendee (at least three, maybe more) who I have spoken to has been similarly positive about the session. Several wished it could have gone even longer (not a criticism of the schedule, just very high praise!).


Campus Leader, Providence College, Providence, RI

I invited Katie Linder to Lehigh University in order to help our graduate students in English think more about their professional development, both in the realm of their writing and their teaching. I also asked her to offer a presentation on jobs in academia, both faculty and non-faculty positions. Her presentations were fantastic, offering concrete strategies and practices by which students (and faculty members, for that matter) could become more self-aware of their writing and teaching habits and improve on those habits to become more productive and effective. Katie’s workshop on jobs was by far the most helpful, though, as she offered students advice about presenting themselves and their skills that went far beyond what our faculty typically offer. In a time in which the jobs our doctoral students are competing for are changing rapidly–and as the academic market continues to be daunting–Katie gave our students invaluable advice about how to adapt to the market and recognize the skills they have (and how to present those skills). One student, herself on the job market, wrote to me that “Katie’s presentation(s) were fantastic–very, very helpful and extremely inspiring!” Katie also went above and beyond the call of duty in reading materials for students on the market–both while she was here and after she left!


Dr. Dawn Keetley, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Graduate Program, LeHigh University, Bethlehem, PA